--the beauty of birds commonly found in the Pacific Northwest: a show of photography by Judith Roan and Ron Reeder

"Backyard Bathing Birds of Mercer Island" has been a project in the making for some time.

"Backyard Birds of Mercer Island"

Birds from Near and Far

Once or twice a decade Snowy Owls descend from their normal arctic habitat and are seen in the lower 48. In the year 2011 concentrations of 10-30 owls were found at Damon Point (Ocean Shores, WA) and at Boundary Bay just North of the Canadian border. One theory is that unusually successful hatch rates produce a surplus of owls which forces many of the younger ones to migrate South for the winter. In the year 2012 significant numbers of Snowy Owls were found at Damon Point and in the Puget Sound region.

Red-tailed Hawks are abundant in the Pacific Northwest. Ron and I observed one devouring a small, furry creature at Reifel Refuge, Canada in February 2012.

Reifel Refuge

A trip to Tanzania in April of 2012 was abundant with birds and mammals.


Mark Smith's Nature Tour took me to Belize and Guatemala in 2007

A Peter Lawson Nature trip, September, 2008

April, 2009: Our photography group, aka The Reefers, toured Zion, and Bryce National Parks. The trip ended at Capital Reef, Utah.

Ron and I live in the Pacific Northwest. One can find beautiful beaches, and dense rainforests.

Ron and I frequently travel to Yellowstone National Park. There is always something on the move, or just beautiful scenery to photograph. Our latest trip was February 2018.